Privacy Policy

Last Updated November 29th, 2020

This Privacy Policy (the "Policy") is a part of and incorporated into the terms and conditions (the "Terms") relating to the use of the website (the "Website") and the services provided by (the "Company", "We" or "Us") which are used to connect you to a service provider in a geographic area (the "Services").  The Website is a free service to assist homeowners in connecting with local service contractors. All contractors are independent and the Website does not warrant or guarantee any work performed. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to verify that the hired contractor furnishes the necessary license and insurance required for the work being performed. All persons depicted in a photo or video are actors or models and not contractors listed on this site. We respect the privacy of our affiliates, customers and visitors to our Website and strive to employ practices that ensure information collected is used conscientiously and appropriately.  This Policy does not encompass other websites referenced by us in print, online or in email.


We collect information you provide through accessing the Website and completing our forms, including your name, email address, phone number, zipcode the Services you request or select, and the comments you provide (the "Personal Information"). We may also collect non-personalized, or non-identifiable information (the "Anonymous Information", and together with Personal Information, the "Data") in which we are unable, and do not foresee being able, to tie the Anonymous Information back to you or any particular user. Anonymous Information may include technical information regarding your usage of the Website, aggregated data in which the uses of many users, including your usage, is compiled in the aggregate, a user"s path through the Website, and similar such data.

We may use the Data in various ways, as detailed throughout this Policy. We may also use third party services providers that may provide data collection services, or we may use software to enable data collection and/or to facilitate Data collection.

These service providers may also have access to your Personal Information, consistent with their own privacy policies and terms of use. You can learn more about this manner of data collection and advertising at , or These links may also enable you to opt out of this manner of data collection and advertising.


From time to time, in our sole discretion, we may make changes to this Policy. This Policy was last modified on November 24th, 2020. Changes to the Policy may occur without notice to you. You may always find an updated version of the Policy at this Website locaton. If you do not agree with any alteration of the  Policy, you must discontinue your usage of the Website and the Services. You may also request that your user account, if any, be deleted or permanently disabled, and that we remove any information such as Personal Information, to the extent technologically possible, and consistent with additional provisions in this Policy. Information regarding disabling your user account may be obtained by contacting us at the e-mail or mail address specified in this Policy.


We generally use Data to help us better serve you. We will pass your Personal Information along to our partners who will relay this Personal Information to contractors in your area so the contractors can contact you to discuss the work  requested. We also may email you with additional questions, offers, updates, and follow ups. We may also use your Personal Information to reach out to you with offers we believe may be attractive to you based on what you have provided.

Additionally, Data may be used to minimize load times for various pages on the Website, for tracking and saving your preferences and those of other users when you or they log into or access our Website, for tracking your usage for technological or statistical purposes, for tracking your usage in an attempt to improve or alter our Website or Services, to allow third parties to offer you additional services, tools, or relevant opportunities related to your usage of the Website, to allow us to contact you with personalized information regarding upcoming events, products, services, or offerings relevant to your usage of our Website, and to enable payment processing through a payment processor.  At times, we may drop a pixel and store or provide you with information that may be integrated through your social media accounts.  

We may also share Personal Information with other parties, without your prior consent or knowledge, when we are required to by any law, regulation, legal process, subpoena, discovery request, or governmental request; to enforce the terms of this Policy; to resolve technical issues which may require the assistance of third parties; to prevent, resolve, or investigate suspected fraudulent activity in violation of the terms of this Policy; to protect our rights, or any other user, or the general public; when we undergo a change of control, including a merger, acquisition, or the purchase of substantially all of the assets of our company, or a bankruptcy or similar legal proceeding; to enable payment processors to process payment; to engage third parties, such as consultants, who may help to enhance your experience or the Services; and to work with third parties, such as advertising affiliates, to allow such third parties to provide you with relevant advertisements.

We may share Anonymous Information with any party at any time, without notice and at our sole discretion.

By using the Services, you consent to allowing us to our contact you, for the purpose of providing you with any materials, commercial or otherwise, regarding our Services, and any other service we may provide in the future, which we, at our discretion, believe may be relevant to you. Contact may be by e-mail, phone or other means.  Contact may also be from third parties with whom we have a relationship, or third parties may facilitate our contact with you. You may remove yourself from any mailing list or equivalent by contacting us at the e-mail or postal mail address specified in this Policy, or by following the relevant unsubscribe instructions, if any, on any form of contact you receive.


We do not use cookies or store any information on your computer. We do store information such as the location you have selected on our Website. Google, as an advertiser on our Website, uses DART cookies to serve ads to users based on all sites you visit on the Internet. You may opt out of the use of the DART cookie by visiting the Google ad and content network privacy policy. We do not sell, distribute or lease your Personal Information to third parties unless we have your permission to do so.

Occasionally, at our discretion, we may include or offer third party products or services on our Website. These third-party sites have separate and independent privacy policies and, therefore, we have no responsibility or liability for the content and activities of these linked sites. These third-party service providers may not be disclosed to you prior to your usage of our Website or Services. We may not have control over these cookies. These third-party websites may use these cookies to help provide insight into which areas of our Website and Services are frequently visited by you and other users. These cookies may also be used to provide targeted advertisement to you and other users. You may review the applicable privacy policies of these service providers to learn more about how they may use information they collect from cookies and other similar means.


By using the Website or any affiliated websites, or by clicking "Yes," "Accept," or similar if relevant, you consent to the terms of this Policy.


We may use third parties that are unaffiliated with us, and are not under our control, to collect, host, store, process, analyze, or distribute Data. We attempt to use reasonable efforts to ensure that such third-party providers  store and use data in a manner consistent with our  usage of  Data, however we do not control such service providers. You may read the terms of use and privacy policies of such service providers to understand their data collection and privacy policies. In addition, we disclaim any responsibility that may arise from your use of these services, regardless of the foreseeability of any such damage, such as in circumstances where your use of our Website or Services transmits Personal Information to these third party websites, and this information is subsequently accessed, modified, changed, or altered in a manner that causes you harm.

In addition, we may link to third party websites. These websites may have no affiliation with us,  our Services or our Website beyond their appearance as a link. They may not be under our control, and their content may change at any time, without our knowledge. Your access to, and usage of these websites, is subject to your acquiescence to the relevant terms of usage, or privacy policy, if any, of these websites. Your usage of these websites and these linked services is solely at your own risk and expense. We advise you to read any documents relevant to your usage of these websites. We cannot provide any advice, legal or otherwise, regarding your use of these websites.


We take reasonable measures to maintain the security of our Website and Data. We generally use industry standard technologies and methodologies to achieve such security, however these technologies and methodologies may change over time at our sole discretion as technology evolves.

No transmission of information over the internet, or storage of data, can be entirely secure. We cannot guarantee that disclosure of your Personal Information and financial information, if relevant, will never occur. We advise the use of caution when you transmit Personal Information via our Website.

Under no circumstances shall we be responsible or liable for unauthorized access to our servers, Website, Services, storage systems, or any affiliated system or service, from the failure to store or secure any Data, from the deletion, corruption, destruction, alteration, damage, or loss of any data or information, even if such access results in harm to you or any other user, or any third party, and even if such damage was foreseeable. Such unauthorized access may include security intrusions, "hacking," the engineering of access to our Data or Services, or any similar unauthorized means of accessing our Data in any form.


To the extent technologically possible, we will not collect personally identifiable information from any individual under the age of 18. Our Services and Website are not intended for the use of, nor designed to attract the attention of, individuals under the age of 18.


If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our Privacy Policy, please contact us by email at

You may contact us to remove or modify any Personal Information on you that we may have. Please note that the removal of such information may permanently alter your usage of our Website, and we are unlikely to be able to provide any Services to you without your Personal Information.

We will use commercially and technologically reasonable methods to remove your Personal Information. However, we may retain this Personal Information consistent with this Policy and as specified elsewhere, or if it is not commercially or technologically feasible to remove or modify this information.